KT's O Bento

Not only do we have hotdogs and poutine but also Bento Box, Teriyaki Chicken, Rice Burger, Ramen & Udon Noodle.

Canadian Snack Menu: Hotdogs, Smokies, Poutines, etc.

Japanese Menu: Bento Box, Teriyaki Chicken, Rice Burger, Udon & Ramen Noodles, etc.


★★★Canadian Snacks with Japanese Twists★★★


Sushi Burrito

Choose between the following mouth watering flavours: California Sushi Burrito, Teriyaki Chicken Sushi Burrito, Dynamite Sushi Burrito, and Tempura Veggie Sushi Burrito. Choose your spice level - we can make them hot or mild.  Order now!


Japanese meets Canadian

Do you love the classic Canadian hot dog?  Do you love the taste or teriyaki, kimchi, or even wasabi?  Well, why not mix some flavors for an amazing fusion blend!  Your taste buds will thank you for the perfect combo of Japanese and Canadian flavours. Order Now!


Japanese Cuisine

We have a delicious variety of Japanese cuisine to tantalize your taste buds.  Choose our famouse sushi burritos or our flavorful rice bowls.  If you want a classic taste we've also got noodle bowls.  And don't forget our amazing Taiyaki for dessert! Order now!